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The famous but elusive monkey washing a cat video...


When I saw this ridiculous video clip a year or two ago on Letterman I knew I had to have it. It's the stupidest joke I've ever seen.

One of the great social injustices of our time is surely that Dave and his crew never made a decent version of this clip available from his web site.
"A quick search on the net", I thought, "and I'm sure to find it". Hours of searching finally revealed a worn out looking quick time movie, that I could hardly make out.

So many times in history has evil prevailed, simply because good people sit by and do nothing.
Well not this time. Cut a few unnecessary frames, a bit of a crop, improve the brightness and we have a half decent clip of a monkey washing a cat.
I'll be accepting my knighthood shortly.



Higher Resolution Version Now Available

Many thanks to Billy from LA for providing the source for this higher quality clip.

Click the image to open a 2.6Mb animated gif in your web browser.

Approx download times:
56 kbps - 6 min
128 kbps - 2.6 min
256 kbps - 1.3 min
512 kbps - 40 sec
2 Mpbs - 10 sec


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