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Internet Marketing Strategy Wellington - Sell More With A Sales Robot

Internet Marketing Strategy - Sell More with a Sales Robot


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Everyone loves hearing that magic ‘yes' from a new client.
But I've yet to meet anybody who enjoys making the relentless follow-up calls often required to create that yes.

I learned (and proved for myself) years ago that whoever follows up the most relentlessly gets most of the work.
Even so, I personally struggle with putting those important calls at the top of my list before I move on to preferred tasks (like being audited by the IRD or cleaning the toilet).

So when I discovered another way to follow-up that was even more effective, and required less work you bet I jumped on it. Boots and all.

Automated Follow-Up

That's when I met the new generation of sales robot.
Email auto responders have been around for longer than Nigerian windfalls. But when you add text messaging and video you turn a good follow-up tool into a personal relationship building machine on robot steroids.

The most common reason that a prospect does not go ahead with a quote (for a web design company, anyway) is not getting around to it yet.
Basically, they are busy and we have not yet convinced them that the benefit of our service far outweighs the cost. Or we have not earned their trust. Not yet.

Value & Trust

Showing them value is not difficult. We have plenty of clients who love us and are happy to evangelise how we helped them (I'm sure you can relate to that).
A few phone calls later and I had a nice collection of convincing testimonials.

Trust is not hard to earn either.
Our quoting process takes care of the first step. Listen carefully and help people find the right solution and we're well on the way to being perceived as their trusted expert.
And the testimonials will build more trust each time they read one.

Making It Personal

But how do we make it personal? So they come to see me a friend and the advisor whose advice they will follow every time?

That's where video comes in.

"But making videos is so expensive!" you say.
Well yes, and no. Videos made to Wellywood production levels might bankrupt you. And unfortunately people don't always trust them because they are too polished and corporate looking. Much like TV ads. People don't trust adverts.

But get out your web camera or iPhone (actually we can do better but they are a good start) and you'll end up with a video that looks real.
A good quality "home made" video can successfully portray you as a real person. An expert, with the right solution who genuinely wants to help.

This level of credibility is much harder to achieve with an over-produced video.
And it's also impossible to achieve by email.



Just like good comedy, the secret to winning sales is often good timing.
People hardly ever buy when it suits you. Only when it suits them.

What happens if they suddenly find themselves with the time and head space to start thinking about the project again?
Well, if you happen to remind them at just the right time, they’ll probably give you the job.

And my sales robot does this much better and more consistently than I ever could.

Putting It All Together

When you combine email, text messages and video you move to a new level of credibility.

But it’s repetition that really delivers the trust.
Every time you give them a piece of expert advice or a great testimonial you build the relationship and you build the level of trust.
Especially if they see you in a video, along with your passion for what you do and your genuine desire to help them.

After all, seeing you in a video is even better than standing in front of a new prospect. Not quite as personal as being there. But for most people, you can plan your message and get your point across much more succinctly.

And when you mix 1 or 2 personal phone calls into your automated follow-up campaign, every communication looks like you clicked the send button yourself.

And if you, the recently established trusted expert friend, happen to remind them when the timing is right for them, your competitor has no chance.

Will It Work For You?

So if you like hearing ‘yes’ from new clients, and you don’t like making the relentless follow-up calls, you too might enjoy employing a polite version of the terminator in your sales team.
And while she doesn’t speak with a thick accent, she’ll be back every time.

All you need to make this work for your business is a few good testimonials, case studies or examples of your work.
Oh, and some quotes that were never approved or declined. Do you have some of those?

For a free demo of our sales robot enter your details in the form on this page. Don’t worry, it won’t inundate you with spam and you can easily turn it off.
Or call us if you want to know more.

Prosperous marketing,


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