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How to use QR Codes by Anyware Web Marketing

QR Code ExampleWhat Is A QR Code?

A QR code (or quick response code), is a type of 2D bar code that you can scan with a QR Code reader application on your smartphone.
QR codes make it easy to open a web site on your phone or use your phone to send a text message. Often to respond to a special offer.

QR codes are similar to regular bar codes, except they contain more information are can contain information in a number of formats, including plain text, web site addresses, SMS text messages or phone numbers.

How To Use A QR Code

If you see a special offer with a QR code on it you can scan it with your smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone etc) and use your phone to respond to the special offer immediately. Normally you would have to find a computer, look up a web site etc etc.

Download QR Code Scanner

Before you can scan a QR code you need to install a QR code scanner app on your phone.
If your phone does not already have an app installed, here are some popular QR code scanners:

Android: Barcode Scanner

iPhone: NeoReader

Windows Mobile: Beetag

Blackberry: ScanLife

Scanning a QR Code

After you have your reader installed, start the application and take a photo of the QR code you want to scan.
Hold your phone nice and steady and be sure to include the entire code into the picture.
Scanning does fail sometimes. If so, just try again until you get it.

Resolving the link

If the QR code is for a web site address your phone will ask you if you want to visit the web page.
Click ok and your phone will open the page in it's web browser.

If the QR code is for a text message your phone will open a text message ready for you to send.
The text message will probably include the mobile number to send the text to and possibly a unique code for responding to the special offer.
You may also need to complete details such as your first name, surname and email address to enter a competition or redeem a voucher.


Here's an example...

Bohemein $10 Chocolate Offer

Scan the QR code for the web site to claim your voucher from the web site.
Scan the QR code for the text message to claim your voucher by sending a text message.


Need to Explain QR Codes To Your Customers?

Simply add this link next to your QR codes:

QR codes are still new to a lot of people. They are curious about what they are and how they work.
Give them an easy way to find out how to use a QR code and they are more likely to respond to your offer.

How To Create A QR Code

See our simple and easy to follow guide that even a technophobe can use to create a QR code in a few minutes.


Contact us if you would like some help to set up your QR codes or figure out the most effective way to use them for your business.