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What is a UDAI Code and Why Should I Transfer My Domain Name?

For you to get the best possible service the company that hosts your web site should also manage your domain name for you.

When we set up your web site hosting we need to update your domain name servers with the location of your new web site. Your domain name servers tell all the Internet Service Providers where your web site is. This is how everybody's web browser finds your web site.

When we have to go through another company to update your domain name servers, a job that takes us a few minutes can often take days. We also have occasional problems with errors - which means your web site and email can be out of service for days at a time.

So when we host your web site we also prefer to manage your domain name too.
You just get better service.

To manage your domain name we need to transfer it to our domain registrar. To do this all we need is your UDAI code (your domain name password).

You can request your UDAI code from most domain registrars by logging in to their system. Some (such as requre a phone call.

Transferring Again Later . . .
Some companies try their best to discourage you from transferring your domain name to another company. We do not.
If you want to manage your own domain name later on, we are happy to give you a new UDAI code at any time.
It's your domain name and you don't need to give us a reason to transfer it somewhere else.  



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