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Running a Remote Training Session with TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a piece of software allows your trainer to connect remotely to your computer (PC or Mac) and watch what you do on your computer while talking you through it on the phone.


Anyware Quick Support:
- Windows Download here (software that is run on your machine but is not installed)
- Mac: Download here (this software is installed on your computer and is very safe)

The version of TeamViewer used by Anyware is version 9.

Security / How Does TeamViewer Work?

  1. Download and install TeamViewer from the above link, run it and install it on your computer. (TeamViewer can also be downloaded and run once without installing but that would require you to download it again next time we provide remote support.)
  2. TeamViewer will connect securely to it's mothership on the internet and create a session that allows other TeamViewer users to connect to your session - IF they have your password.
  3. Give your password to your trainer and they will use TeamViewer to connect securely to your computer.
  4. When the training session is over close the connection and close TeamViewer. This makes it impossible for anyone else to access the TeamViewer session on your computer, even if they have the password.

Security - More Info
This process is invitation only. Other users can only connect to you when you invite them to by running TeamViewer and by telling them your password. Your password changes every time you run TeamViewer.

Please do not ever allow anybody to adjust the settings in your firewall to allow for a remote connection. This is not safe as it could make your computer vulnerable to hackers.
Some IT support companies may ask you to set up permanent remote connections so they can administer your computer. While it it possible to set TeamViewer up this way, this is not the default installation behaviour and we do not use it this way. For our purposes we believe it's only appropriate to access your computer when you specifically invite us to do so.