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Send Large Files

Use 'You Send It' to send large files or folders to another computer up to 2gb.

To send large files to us at Anyware we recommend you use this very simple and quick method. We can then access your files and download directly.

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Here's how:

  1. Open
  2. Fill out all the details in the 'Try sending now' box on Left Hand Side
  3. Enter all the details
    1. email address,
    2. recipient email address,
    3. message,
    4. browse on your files to select the file you wish to send (must be under 2gb)
  4. There is no need to subscribe to any of the paid features (ie Premium Delivery Password, Protected Secure Delivery, Delivery with Tracking, Return Receipt)
  5. Click on 'Send It' button
  6. Recipient will receive an email with link to download your file. This file is only available for 7 days. Recipient can download and save locally.