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Find Your Niche Market to Find Your Best Customers

To find your best customers you need to know:
  • Who they are
  • How they find you
  • What they are looking for
  • What is most important to them, and
  • How to get their attention.
Find Your Niche Market You could be forgiven for thinking that to reach a large number of customers you have to advertise on TV, because that's where the most people are and that's what the big companies do.
That's just the expensive way to do it.

A niche market is a group of people who are looking for something specific and they can usually be reached cost effectively once you understand them.

What do you do better than anyone else?

It's temping to say something like 'we provide lawn mowing services to anyone in Lower Hutt" and then never explore it any further.
You try to cater to the needs of every customer you've ever had and you become another generic lawn mowing service who tries to be the cheapest and the best.
Cheapest and best are not compatible. So no matter how hard you work you never manage to really stand out from the competition.

Who appreciates your best work?

Your best customers are usually the ones who spend the most and give you the least trouble.
If you understand them well you can focus on their needs. Put all your marketing efforts into attracting your best customers instead of the tyre kickers you normally get and before long you'll find you can choose the best customers and leave the tyre kickers and price shoppers for the competition.
You can still take anyone who comes along. You're not excluding anyone; you're simply focussing on the best customers.
As you attract more of your best customers your options improve - you can choose to put more effort into converting the customers that make you a profit over ones that don't.

Using our lawn mowing example, we could say that everyone's life would be easier if they had a lawn mowing service and just target everyone.
Find Your Niche Market But then you include people who can't afford the service, you'd include price shoppers who kick the tyres for hours and then go and find the cheapest and lowest quality service in town (which they'll hardly ever be happy with), and you would include all sorts of other groups that are really hard to sell to and who are hard work to keep happy.

Instead we focus on busy professionals who we know want the service and many of whom have not got around to picking up the yellow pages. So when they visit your web site, see your flier in their letter box or see your ad in the local paper it's an easy sale and you make a good profit.

Don't dilute

Many businesses have several niche markets and the tendency is to group them all generically under one umbrella and call it a target audience.
Even if you understand your niches well, it's tempting to try to sell to all of them at once and the 2, 3 or 4 different unique messages you have for the different audiences all dilute each other and you end up trying to sell everything to everyone again.

Find Your Niche Market If you clearly identify your niches and write a unique sales message for each group you'll show them you have exactly what they are looking for and hit all their hot buttons without losing them with information that does not interest them.

If our lawn mowing service also offers a gardening service they should not try to sell it to people who are looking for a lawn mowing service, or they'll lose many of them. You can up-sell them gardening services later, once they are customers.
A simple way to solve this problem is with a separate section on the web site for gardening services. You let people know it's there, but you don't dilute your primary sales message.

Keeping it Simple

So make life simple for you and you customers by understanding them really well. The time you spend doing this will pay for itself many times over.

Here's a web site action plan template to help you identify your niche markets.

Make this process really easy and contact us - we'll do it for you!

For more info about building a profitable web site register for our free seminar: Simplifying the Internet - the small business owners guide to a profitable web site.  



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