A fresh look at FAQs

If you haven't updated your FAQ section since you launched your site, then read this article.

FAQ is the abbreviation for Frequently Asked Questions. Companies often pull together a collection of answers to the questions that are most commonly raised by their customers on topics relating to their products or services.

FAQs often ease the burden on your time by providing quick answers to commonly asked questions.

In order to fulfil their purpose, your FAQs must be accurate, concise, readable and up-to-date. This means that as a business, you need to invest time in their maintenance And the good news is that by maintaining your FAQs, you can also improve your business credibility, and potentially your sales.

Credibility - gain customer trust by providing quality information.

Visitors to your site will be looking for useful information to help them with their purchasing decision - you need to provide that. Try to answer as many possible questions about your products as you can, rather than just throwing together a quick list of a few things off the top of your head (this is off-putting and irritating to potential customers, and they'll probably just leave)

High-quality, carefully thought out FAQs show your customers that you are knowledgeable about your products, and interested in helping them. If you take care and time with your answers (as if you were talking to the person in a shop) this will engage your visitors, and increase their trust in your business.

Make more sales - ask clever questions and provide useful information.

You can also use your FAQs to:

  • explain why a customer should buy your product, rather than the competition's
  • introduce new products
  • provide quantifiable results from any product testing
  • supply legitimate product reviews
  • increase interest with offers of complementary products
Think about the questions that you wish potential customers would ask, and then write helpful answers to these as well.

Take care to be informative, not boastful or self-serving:
Not: "Why is your product XXX superior to Competition's product YYY?"
Instead: "Why should I buy your product XXX instead of Competition's product YYY?"

If your web site has a FAQ section that has not been maintained, updating it could win you more sales! If you do not have a FAQ section on your web site, then see us today and ask us how.

There are so many benefits to quality FAQs. So don't delay - take another look at yours today!

Have a look at this site (www.econo-heat.co.nz) as an example for how a professionally created FAQ page can enhance your site.  



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