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Get to Grips with Facebook on Mobile Devices

This is 2013, so you have a Facebook Business Page, right?

It looks great on that big desktop screen, and on the (not so big) laptop screen, but what about on your mobile phone?

Try putting your Facebook Business Page into the address bar on your mobile browser and you probably won't find the page. Why? Because you need to know the exact URL address, and it will look something like this:

Who can possibly remember an address with a string of numbers like that?


A Better Way to Find Facebook Sites on Mobile

facebook mobile siteAn alternative way you can find your page is to search in Google (or your preferred search engine) and hope that your company's Facebook page will appear in the search results.

If you either successfully type the address right, or find it through a search engine, you'll be directed to the mobile version of your site, which was automatically created, by Facebook at the same time as the page. Mobile sites always begin with ‘m.' so will look something like this:


The Best Way to Find Facebook Sites on Mobile

But there's a more efficient way to use Facebook on mobiles, and that's with the Facebook mobile application, available in the Apple AppStore or the Google Play Store on Android. Regular mobile Facebook users know this trick and will have the mobile app on their phones.


Mobile Applications for Administrators.

As an administrator, you can even download The Pages Manager mobile application to manage your page. The Pages Manager mobile application lets administrators check their Page activity, view insights and respond to their audience directly from a mobile device.


A Final Tip

If you don't have a Facebook Business Page, you might be missing out on business from people searching for keyword terms related to your business. It could be your page that appears in their search results.

If you do have a Facebook Business Page and engage with your customers regularly, you will have an advantage. Google reacts to social interaction and gives higher ranking to businesses that engage.