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Supported Payment Gateways for eCommerce / Shopping Cart Web Site Development

Internationally, BigCommerce supports a huge number of payment gateways and payment processing options.
And so do many other shopping cart solutions.

Where BigCommerce really shines is it's support for a large number of New Zealand payment options.

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Popular NZ Credit Card Processing Options

US based shopping cart systems often have a lack of support for New Zealand credit card payment options.
WooCommerce, Shopify and BigCommerce all support the significant credit card providers in New Zealand. They also support Paypal and Stripe to get you up and running FAST in case you don't have (or want) a credit card merchant account.

Payment Express

Payment Express by DPS

With slightly higher monthly fees and low transaction fees, Payment express is a good option if you will be processing a moderate to high number of transactions.
It's a very reliable system and generally the most well known and trusted brand in NZ so it gives your customers confidence when ordering from you.
Requires that you have a credit card merchant account.

Payment Express is often the best choice if you have a significant retail presence with multiple stores or physical entities. They can process payments for all manner of hardware and your hardware can be serviced throughout New Zealand.

"Direct Payment Solutions provide a PCI DSS compliant Visa and MasterCard certified payments solution called Payment Express. Payment Express facilitates electronic payments seamlessly from multiple access points i.e. Websites, shopping carts, EFTPOS, Billing systems, Recurring Billing, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Vending machines, MOTO (Mail Order / Telephone Order), Wireless systems and much more.
DPS are certified with banks in Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Singapore, South Africa, USA and United Kingdom offering processing in multiple currencies."

More Info - Fees

Stripe Credit Card PaymentsStripe

Stripe quickly became a favourite for start-ups when they entered the NZ market in 2017. With no fixed monthly fee, a standard transaction fee of 2.9% and almost instant setup, Stripe is a great option if you are starting an online store or if you simply want to accept the odd credit card payment and don't want the burden of a fixed monthly fee.
Stripe don't pay out instantly (it can take 3 or 4 days), but once the payment notification arrives you know the money is yours.

Stripe also have a stunning feature when used with WooCommerce, which is their on page payment form. They've come up with some clever (i.e. PCI compliant) encryption that allows customers to enter their credit card number on your checkout page, whithout going away to the Stripe website and then redirecting back to your website. This eliminates a significant barrier for customers in a world where user experience is everything.



With low monthly fees and slightly higher transaction fees Paystation is an excellent choice for merchants who process a low number of transactions or if you are just starting out.
Requires that you have a credit card merchant account.

"Our online payment processing service provides merchants with a secure and robust solution to allow their customers to pay online by credit card or with their pago wallet. We also offer services for Mail Order / Telephone Order (MOTO) payments, batch processing, and call centre integration."

More Info - Fees



eWay is a good choice if you need advanced reporting from your payment provider. They also have a wide range of services that offer flexibility if you expect your business to grow or change quickly. Focused on customer service and quick, easy setup.
Requires that you have a credit card merchant account.

"Through our range of eCommerce solutions we automate your online payments saving you time and money! All credit card transactions are processed in real time directly into your Internet Merchant Account.

Get online faster with our expert eCommerce advice, simple integration, the widest range of integrated shopping carts, and FREE 24/7 support you can rely on."

More Info - Fees



Paymate allows you to get started quickly and easily if you don't have a credit card merchant account.
Be aware that Paymate's high per transaction cost and means this is not a good option if you will be processing a large number of transactions.
They also have some quite restrictive policies once your monthly turnover gets to a certain level.

Once you start turning over a few thousand per month it's usually best to convert to a provider that uses your own credit card merchant account.

More Info - Fees



Like Paymate, Paypal is also a great option for starting out.
And for similar reasons you can often save money (and work) by moving to another provider (or their professional service) once your turn over reaches a certain level.
PayPal is a world wide brand that is known everywhere. It's also a little infamous in certain circles for having a few issues but can still be a great option.
PayPal offers multi currency support.

BigCommerce can use the PayPal Standard or PayPal Pro services. PayPal Pro allows customers to pay without leaving your website and accepts credit cards via phone, fax, and mail with Virtual Terminal.

More Info - Fees: Click "See Pricing" link - Compare Products




WorldPay is a multi currency payment processing solution.
If you plan to sell to customers outside New Zealand this is a good option to consider.
WorldPays provision of credit card merchant accounts can make make this a simple way to get started.

When choosing betwen PayPal and WorldPay for multi currency processing, the choice often comes down to the extra features one provider has that suit you best. Have a browse of their feature lists and see which sounds better for your situation.

More Info - Fees


NZ or Multi Currency?

Whether you choose to process payments in NZ dollars only or multi currency may come down to a choice about whether you want to expand overseas later. It's a hassle to change providers so you can save work and cost later by going with multi currency from the start.

Manual Credit Card Processing

Not so long ago it was possible to perform manual credit card processing, i.e. use a secure server to record your customers credit card number and then process the payment using your EFT-POS machine or mail order credit card forms. The rules have since changed and to do this now you must become PCI compliant, a process which is neither practical or economically viable for a small business. Your best paymet options now are listed above.

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