5 Questions you should ASK before you Invest in an Online Shopping Cart . . .

1. Is it easy for me to update products on my web site? - YES!

2. Are the maintenance and running costs low? - YES!

3. Can I use existing data from MYOB or other accounting systems? - YES!

4. Will you help me to understand all my options in PLAIN ENGLISH? - YES!

5. How long have you been building e-commerce solutions? - Since 1999

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Need a web site and shopping cart that's easy to update with low running costs?

Anyware EasyUpdate Cart is a simple application that allows you to update the products on your web site and shopping cart easily.

Eliminate expensive product maintenance by your web designer - you do all your own product updates, so your running costs are kept to a minimum.

Easy to update
Update your product database, click a few buttons and your web site is updated. No technical knowledge required.

Fast loading, highly flexible
The product pages on your web site are custom designed for you and hand coded by an internet programmer. You don't get slow loading, bloated pages from a WYSWIG editor or generic pages from a database shopping cart with limited layout options.
This means the pages on your web site load fast and the page layout can be customized to any degree to suit your products.

One easy to maintain database
Anyware EasyUpdate cart can connect directly to most existing product databases or accounting systems. This means you have only one database to maintain - you don't have to maintain a separate database for your web site or shopping cart.

Simple, reliable and cost effective
A simple desktop application does everything for you. Maintain products, update your web site, update your shopping cart and anything else you need it to do.
Your web site does not need an expensive online database to store product information.
Simple - reliable - cost effective.

Optional shopping cart/pricing
Your web site can present your products without the shopping cart facility or without showing your prices. If you need to add prices or a shopping cart later, it's easy.

Totally customisable
Your web site and application can be customised to do just about anything you need. Options include:

  • Specials page - tick a box to add a product to your specials page
  • Product navigation bar - built from product categories you define
  • Password protected wholesale web site

How many products?
Anyware EasyUpdate Cart can handle more products than you're likely to throw at it.

Save time and money processing orders
The shopping cart includes back-end order processing features to make processing orders more efficient. These features typically save you 3 to 5 minutes per order.

Our clients told us they buy from us because:

"you speak plain English"
"you listen carefully to your needs"
"you provide support beyond what was expected"
"of your quest to find the best solution"

But they told me e-commerce is too expensive...
Traditional e-commerce systems can involve costly online database applications, excessive overheads such as staff training and ongoing support, as well as high monthly fees.

We keep the costs down by keeping it simple.

If you don't need a feature, we don't think you need to pay for it.

The only online database application involved is the shopping cart. We provide this as a service so you don't have to worry about it - or spend money on it.

Updating your web site is a simple task that can be learned in half an hour from a demo. We're happy to provide training, but you're not likely to need it.

Ongoing support for your e-commerce operation is provided free as part of the shopping cart service. You may pay for adding new features to your web site, but you will not pay for support to keep your operation running.
In fact we'll do our best to help you increase your sales because our success comes from yours.

Monthly fees consist of your web hosting monthly fee ($30) plus the shopping cart monthly fee.
The monthly shopping cart fee is $95, but we start you on a 5% commission on sales (capped at $95 per month) so that your online sales always cover your shopping cart costs, i.e. if your sales are $0 then your costs are $0.
The last thing you need in a new business while your sales are low is more overheads.
This fee covers hosting the shopping cart, managing security and the database, the secure server, helping you with problem orders, 24x7 monitoring of the shopping cart and generic improvements to the shopping cart (some new features).

Simple - Easy to use - Low running costs

Try it and see
We'd like to sit you down in front of the Anyware EasyUpdate Cart application, watch you click a few buttons and update our demo web site.
Call us today for a free demo and to discover your options - 04 939 1708

PS. Have a browse through our demo web site - it was built using Anyware EasyUpdate Cart.
We've listed some of the services and features of the shopping cart as if they were products so you can browse through and test the shopping cart.
Feel free to place an order - it won't charge you anything, but it will send you an order confirmation email.

This web site demonstrates a basic web site and shopping cart package - keep in mind that we can make it do just about anything you need.

More Examples
The following web sites have been built using Anyware's EasyUpdate Cart:
Annabels Flowers Wellington - Flowers, gifts and baskets
Bloom Furniture - Designers & Makers
EndangeredFaeces - unique gift ideas
Galaxy Natural - Aromatherapy and Hand Made Skin Care
Healthy 10/20 Natural Health Centre
Stayput Beach Umbrella Stay
Trolleys and Hand Trucks
Chinese Art - unique ornaments
Sir Michael Fowler - paintings
ECONO-HEAT® - The warmth of a home
TrueGrip Golf Gloves - genuine Truegrip leather gloves

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