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eCommerce Email Notification Guide

HELP! I'm Not Receiving Order Notifications From My Online Store


e-commerce notification emails1. Check Your Spam Folder

Sometimes your order confirmations get filed as spam. This makes about as much sense as President Trump. But it still happens.

If this happens to you, or even better - BEFORE it happens to you, ask your email provider how to add the email address of your e-commerce system to your email white list so it never gets blocked.

2. Is It A Temporary Problem?

Have you missed one, two or a few hours worth of emails? Or have you not received any emails from your ecommerce system for a week?

If it's a temporary problem, add your ecommerce system to your email white list and move on. You can waste hours on this and never find anything useful.

If it's a permanent problem, ask your e-commerce provider or web design company to check the email sending logs to see if the emails were sent. In rare cases we have seen problems with e-commerce providers that prevented the system from sending order confirmations to their merchants.
If you use an online service like Shopify or BigCommerce you shouldn't have to wait long for a resolution because it may affect hundreds or thousands of their merchants.
If you use WooCommerce, we can probably look up the email server logs or add a plugin that logs emails and allows us to see exactly what's going on.

Sometimes all you can find out is that the emails were sent to your email provider. It may be possible to get your email provider to check their email logs and tell you why you did not receive an email that was delivered to their server, but this can be painstaking and most providers are reluctant to spend time doing this.

Send an email yourself to the email address that your notifications are sent to and see if it arrives. This often tells you what your IT support company needs to know to make it work.

e-commerce websites calendar3. Check Your Orders Daily

Email is amazing but not perfect.

Emails can go missing for reasons nobody will ever know. It doesn't happen often but it does happen. For this reason, we highly recommend that you log in to your online store every day and check for new orders just to be sure you are not missing any.

An easy way to do this is to Bookmark your orders page in the back end of your e-commerce website and save it to your desktop or somewhere else handy so you can open it and check your orders every day.

4. Get More Orders

No e-commere guide would be complete without some tips on how to get more orders. Check out our e-Commerce Website E-WOF to discover the fastest way to grow your online store.



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