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Who Can Register an Australian Domain Name?

.au domain names are restricted for use by individuals, organisations, or companies registered and/or residing in Australia and may only be registered to Australian sole traders, businesses or companies.

When registering your .au domain name you have to provide one of the following to prove eligibility:

Certain top level domains (e.g. or are further restricted.

Australian Business Number

your domain nameIf you already have a company registered in Australia (and the associated Australian Business Number) the process is simple.

If you have a company in New Zealand or another country you can register as a foreign company with ASIC. Here is more info about registering a New Zealand company as an Australian foreign company. This will give you an ABN.

Australian Trademark Number

Once your Australian Trademark is registered you can use your trademark number to register your domain name.

Trademarks vs Domain Names

A registered trademark gives the owner exclusive right to use the trademark in relation to the goods and services for which the trademark was registered.

A registered domain name is something you lease the right to use for a period of time, but this does not give you any rights over the trademark.

The closest you can get to "owning" a domain name is to have it trademarked. If your rights as the trademark owner are infringed, then you generally have a right to some form of remedy or compensation for the infringement.
(As always, please discuss with your lawyer for proper legal advice).

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